Friday, 4 July 2014

The Big Stitch Swap

I've felt like joining in with a swap for a while now. When flickr changed it seemed a lot of swaps stopped, or I didn't find out about them until sign ups had closed. I had got off the whole swap/bee merry-go-round and whilst I don't want the commitment of a bee again, I do like the idea of a swap now and again. Whether that's a one-on-one private swap or a group swap like The Big Stitch Swap.

The Big Stitch Swap

The Big Stitch Swap is the brainchild of Sarah and Cindy. We've just got our partners. In this swap the emphasis is on hand sewing. Whether that's embroidery, English Paper Piecing, hand quilting or anything else involving sewing by hand. We've all created inspiration mosaics like this one I made:

The Big Stitch Swap

It was so hard choosing which lovelies to put into it. As for items we can make whatever we think our partner would like. That might be an embroidered hoop, a framed purse, tote bag, cushion, gadget cover, mini quilt...the list of possibilities is endless. I don't mind what item my partner makes. But I do like the idea of a hoop, cushion cover or pouch for stashing stitching on the go.

I've done my first fabric pull after stalking my partner diligently. I think she would like a spot of aqua/red/pink. 

Red and Aqua

I'm also thinking she wouldn't mind if this pile of aqua and red loveliness turned into some hexies.

Red and Aqua Hexies

That's only part of the plan. There will also be some embroidery with a motif I'm going to design myself. (We'll see if that all ends in tears.) I'll keep the item I'm making under wraps a while longer. I've never made one of these before (That I remember!) so I want to see if it works out first!

Of course if I get the feeling my partner isn't liking wherever this is going I reserve the right to change plans completely!


Diane-crewe said...

SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT SWAP X bee's ARE FUN .. BUT ARE A LONG TERM COMITMENT WHILE A SWAP IS EASIER AND QUICKER TO DO .. I LIKE BOTH BUT HAVE BEEN LEANING TO THE SWAPS MORE SO X lovely FABRICS BY THE WAY XX.. don't know why I wrote this is capitals!! Too lazy to delete and start again!! lol x have fun x

Kay said...

This looks like a great swap. Hexies will always be one of my favourite things, looking forward to seeing what you are making. my most frequent hexie project is a bag from the book sew by Cath Kidston, I have made about 7 as gifts so far.

Second Chance Tan said...

Good for you for signing up, I saw this swap but realised I can't do hand sewing so thought it probably wasn't for me - looking forward to seeing what this turns into x

Indianna said...

Lovely combination and it's a great swap to be in as a bit of embroidery will make it different to other swaps.

Katy Cameron said...

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for this :o)

Archie the wonder dog said...

Have fun, I'm going to enjoy seeing what everyone makes!

Helenjean said...

your fabrics look lovely, I saw this swap but have only done one before and the criteria was to have taken part in two swaps. I love hand sewing too. Have to keep my eye out for another one.